My First Breaths – Instructor Anne


I remember it well! I was about ten years old on holiday with my parents and my sister in Greece. They offered Scuba Diving at the Resort where we stayed. As a kid I sat on the side of the pool looking at the people that seemed to be breathing underwater. What a glorious idea!

For two days I sat there mesmerised by the possibility. At some point the instructor asked if I wanted to give it a try. YES! OFF COURSE. I ran to my parents’ bungalow to tell my father about this great opportunity I had. We should hurry.

Can you imagine how your child would react? I was exactly that, bouncing off the walls of excitement, and this was only trying Scuba in a pool. I’ve taught many of kids by now, the youngest being eight years old. The excitement you see in their eyes. The awws and ahhs underwater. My latest student named Benjamin, was just like me 25 years ago. Playing with the Christmas tree worms and getting excited from seeing a sea cucumber. We went diving hand in hand, with his father just behind us. He would point out every single fish he saw. At some point during the dive he even started singing!

At Reef Dive Centre we teach people from all ages. We have try dives in the pool as well. So visit us, have that first experience, it’s free of charge. Maybe you or your kids will be the next divers who start singing at the other side of my arm??