Instructor Damian’s Favourite Dive and Koh Tao Creature

Laem Thian

Since diving in Koh Tao, guiding and teaching, the dive site Laem Thian has become one of my favorite places to practice this amazing sport. Located in the northeast of our island it is not one of the most visited, therefore is a good dive for advanced diver´s and also beginners with some experience.

Laem Thian

It has more than 10 swim-troughs give the opportunity to test the buoyancy of the best divers and on top of this you will find different types of nudibranch laying on the dark areas, Blue Spotted Ribbontail Rays hiding under the rocks and sometimes the majestic Stingray gliding like an eagle in the blue. A perfect place to use your torch during the day to check every nook, to have a meeting with the curious Moray Eel and enjoy the capricious architecture made with huge stones and passageways.

One of the best moments on the dive is when you reach the cave which is close to the surface where  you can fell in your chest the roar of the waves smashing against the rocks.

Bluespotted Sting Ray

The blue spotted ribbontail ray (Taeniura lymma) is a species of stingray. This species is common throughout the coral reef-associated habitats. It is a fairly small ray, not exceeding 35 cm in width, with a mostly smooth, oval pectoral fin disc, large protruding eyes, and a relatively short and thick tail with a deep fin fold underneath.


Like coming from another planet this unbelievable creature rests during the day hiding under the rocks burying herself in the sand. They wait until the night, and emerge from their hideout to meet in small groups and follow the rising tide onto sandy flats to root for small invertebrates and bony-fish in the sediment. When the tide recedes, the rays separate and withdraw to shelters on the reef.


Because Its attractive appearance and relatively small size has resulted in its being the most common stingray found in the home aquarium trade. However, it seldom fares well in captivity and very few hobbyists are able to maintain one for long. Many specimens refuse to feed in the aquarium, and even seemingly healthy individuals often inexplicably die or stop feeding.


Its beautiful and futuristic design and its spirit of liberty make me respect and admire this animal which I see so often in the Koh Tao dive sites.